More Paleo Food

Hello there my friends. I apologize for my absence recently. I was at a friend’s house for the past week watching their animals as they were in the Bahamas on a holiday. And these aren’t just any animals. They are 3 dogs and 1 cat, each with a different personality. Granted, the dogs are chihuahuas… but all that really means is that they are SUPER NEEDY. But that’s okay because they love Uncle Craig. Well… two of them love me. The third one took some work. He is a rescue dog from Mexico, so he has been through some abuse and has trouble with trusting humans. Can you blame him? I’ve never been abused and I still have trust issues. So after the first day was a bit rough, he eventually learned to like me and after the second day I couldn’t even go to the washroom without him being at my feet. To be honest it was humbling to see this little guy let me take care of him. Amanda even came over and he quickly learned to like her too.


Thought this was quite cute. She lets you know when you must rub her belly.

So since I was away from home for a week I didn’t have a chance to make any posts. I have some pictures of some meals I made last week that I meant to write about earlier. So here you go… some more ideas for yummy paleo meals!

I picked up some organic chicken thighs, and coated them in coconut oil. I rubbed them with some leftover rosemary and spices I had used for my roasted nuts last week.

I baked the chicken at 400 for about an hour, to get that nice crispy skin.

I decided to make a spinach salad with the chicken. I tossed in some avacado and some of these awesome spicy mixed nuts. The dressing is an organic creamy ranch made mostly with olive oil. Doesn’t it make me look like a chef?!?

My other meal was just as easy. I got some grass-fed ground beef and made it into burger patties. I squished them quite thin, and put a generous slice of white cheddar cheese on top. Then I covered it with another thin burger patty, and voila! You get a cheese-stuffed slab of deliciousness. Obviously I should have done these on the BBQ but I ran out of propane, so I cooked them on a frying pan. And today I found out how much better grass-fed beef is than regular beef. I made them again for this week, but with regular beef instead. The difference is HUGE. The regular beef was way less flavourful and was even drier. Yuck. I will never again compromise by being lazy and going to the regular grocery store for meat. Yeah, I know that probably makes me sound like a food snob. Oooooh well.

I paired the burger patties with asparagus and some awesome sauerkraut. I know these meals aren’t all that creative, but I promise you I am being more adventurous now! Last night I made some paleo chocolate energy bars, but they turned out a bit too bitter. So once I perfect that recipe I shall bring it straight to you. Enjoy!


“If you want something you’ve never had, you have to do something you’ve never done”

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