This is what the Tfal is capable of

Okay, so I just had the most amazing birthday in history. After making Amanda very aware that I didn’t want anything big or eleborate for my birthday, I thought I was home free after a nice dinner. But then she turned in the opposite direction of home, and she said we were meeting a friend for a drink at a pub. I was totally fine with that since it seemed to be low key and relaxed. And then we walked into the bar and there were about 40 people, inclucing a damn photographer… all waiting for me. Now I hate being in the spotlight. And people kept on asking me why I had this strage look on my face. First of all, I was trying my best not to cry. At the same time, I was trying to show an expression of happiness, surprise, extreme gratitude, and “I don’t deserve all this” all at once. That’s tough to do. So anyways, it turned out to be one of the absolute best nights of my life. Almost my entire family was there, including all of my closest friends and amazing coworkers. Some people even took the night off work to be there for me! I really wish that night had more hours in it so I could spend a few moments with every person to say thank you with several hugs.

So on top of Amanda (and her co-conspirators) arranging to have everyone there for me, I also got some crazy awesome gifts. My sister got me some cool guitar stuff that I would have never found on my own. I also got sweet little paleo cook book from a great gal friend. But I have to say that the gift I was most excited about was the Tfal Actifry. This bad boy has been on my “want” list for months. Okay, it has been on my “need” list.
-I was a tad happy when I opened this present-

It cooks your meat using only about a spoonful of oil, and it makes chicken wings crispy as hell… exactly like when you deep fry them! I’ve only cooked wings so far, and right now I am cooking ribs. I’ll grab a photo of those for this post when they’re ready. I know there are tons of different things you can cook in this machine, but I imagine most of my Tfal culinary adventures will be meat related. I plan on posting my favourite Tfal recipes for y’all to try. Or maybe if you’ve been on the fence about this wonderful piece of machinery, they will convince you to finally open up that wallet.


“The meal is not over when I’m full. The meal is over when I hate myself”
-Louis C.K.

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