My Top 10 Workout Songs

Hello my friends. I know my blog posts have been slowing down recently, but I promise that wont last long! Life has been really busy lately. For those of you who follow me but aren’t “real life” friends… Amanda and I got engaged last Sunday! The story isn’t super romantic or anything like that, but the events that actually led up to me proposing were kind of interesting. So maybe on my next post I will tell you the story. But for now I’ll just show you the second photo we took as fiancées… if that’s even a word.


This girl just gets me. I know it’s a cliche but that is the best way I can explain it. Without getting all mushy, all I can say is that I could not possilby imagine a more perfect person to spend my life with. That is all I shall say about my Amanda for now. So on to the meat and potatoes!

I struggle sometimes to find good music to work out to. I usually end up listening to the same 5 bands over and over… which is okay… but if you are anything like I am, you really don’t want to ruin a song by hearing it a million times. It’s like that month when I decided to change my morning alarm song. For a while I had been waking up to the gentle and soothing “BAAAA BAAAA BAAAA!!”.

So I started thinking that there had to be a healthier way to wake up instead of feeling like I was in the middle of a nuclear power plant that was being evacuated. I found out that my fancy phone had the ability to wake me up using any of the songs on my iTunes. Whaaat?!? It was like a whole new world of morning happiness was opened. So I picked a song that I loved. Well let’s just say that I don’t love that song anymore. And it’s not so much because I am sick of it. It’s because my brain now associates that song with the horrible reality of waking up at 5 am. So when I am at the gym and I’m listening to the same songs over and over, I get nervous that those wonderful songs may fall into the same category. So with that in mind, I am going to list my top 10 favourite workout songs for you. I’ll do my best to include music from all types of genres. Maybe these will open your mind to new possibilities!

1) Deadmau5: Ghosts ‘n Stuff.
-That’s actually what he wears to concerts-
This song was new to me a couple of years ago, but it really gets me going at the gym. It’s often the first song I play. I don’t listen to a lot of “dance” music (or whatever it’s called), but if this song is any indication then I really should download more from Deadmau5.

2) Dr. Dre: Kush.
This will probaly be the only hip hop song I include in the list. I don’t approve of the subject matter, but who cares? I love how the piano provides a contrast to the aggressive lyrics. It’s such a neat combination.

3) Eminem: When the Music Stops.
Okay I lied already. This is obviously another rap song. But I don’t care because this song just kicks ass. The typical song “formula” usually goes verse, chorus, verse, chorus, bridge, chorus, end. But this song is very unique because it’s ALL verse. I think there are about 5 or 6 verses. I seriously think that even people who don’t like rap would love this song for the gym.

4) The Exit: Pressure Cooker.

This is a lesser known band that I really wish was still together. A good friend of mine introduced me to The Exit a bunch of years back and I’m sad to say that they only have 2 studio albums. The album this song is from (Home for an Island) is one of the most complete and beautiful albums I have ever heard. And this song is just perfect for the gym. You have to download it.

5) Fuel: Last Time

This is an angry song that I think is about a girl. Aren’t like 90% of songs about girls? Even though I am in a happy relationship, I still listen to this song and get mad at women. But that’s good if I’m trying to push my heart rate to 190, right??

6) Metallica: Fixxxer.
I had to include a song from my favourite band, so decided to include a song that may appeal to a wider variety of people. Metallica was my influence to learn the guitar, and I often cue up any one of their albums and play the whole thing during my workout. But I realize that metal music isn’t for everyone, so I picked a song that has more potential to tickle your fancy if you prefer other genres. This song starts slow, but I promise that if you listen to the whole thing, you won’t be disappointed.

7) Michael Jackson: Beat It.

This song is so good. Sooooo good. Not only is it the great MJ, but it also has a killer gutar solo that is rare for his music. The song is so old but still kicks my ass every time. I wish the radio would play it more than the usual “Billy Jean”.

8) Rihanna: Talk That Talk.

Is this another hip hop song? I really have no idea. But I just love the chorus man. It’s so damn catchy. Just listen to it, okay?

9) Rise Against: Long Forgotten Sons.
These guys are easily one of my favourite bands. It’s such a shame that the only time I’ve seen them live the venue was terrible. This is another band that has a bunch of albums that I can just cue up and forget about changing songs. Be careful with the volume though, because this song may make your ears bleed.

10) Taio Cruz: Higher.

This song is totally relentless in its catchy beats, in the verse and the chorus. It’s one of those short and sweet songs that you can listen to every time and never get sick of.

11) White Zombie: Super Charger Heaven.

Okay so I found eleven songs. Whatever. This is my list, and it could have easily been 50 songs. I listened to these guys in elementary school (I have no idea why), and this song has stuck with me ever since. It’s so damn fast and just plain awesome. If you can get over the lyrics “devil man devil man!” then I think you will like the motivation this song gives you.

My next post will be my top 10 mellow songs that I love to listen to when I’m done my workout and getting a good stretch on. I am always looking for new music. What are your favourite workout songs? Leave a comment and open my eyes to more music awesomeness!


“Everyone has their own source of motivation. What moves you??”

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