More Paleo Food

Hello there my friends. I apologize for my absence recently. I was at a friend’s house for the past week watching their animals as they were in the Bahamas on a holiday. And these aren’t just any animals. They are 3 dogs and 1 cat, each with a different personality. Granted, the dogs are chihuahuas… but all that really means is that they are SUPER NEEDY. But that’s okay because they love Uncle Craig. Well… two of them love me. The third one took some work. He is a rescue dog from Mexico, so he has been through some abuse and has trouble with trusting humans. Can you blame him? I’ve never been abused and I still have trust issues. So after the first day was a bit rough, he eventually learned to like me and after the second day I couldn’t even go to the washroom without him being at my feet. To be honest it was humbling to see this little guy let me take care of him. Amanda even came over and he quickly learned to like her too.
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Find Something to be Passionate About.

The title of this post is slightly vague, so I apologize in advance for that. But I will explain to you what it means. I started this blog mostly to talk about paleo and fitness, but I also wanted to talk about some interesting and inspirational things I see (assuming most of those things would happen at work). Since starting the blog I’ve struggled a bit with how much I should talk about work. I am not completely convinced I should reveal what my job is, and that is becoming especially important since I am starting to get more and more followers that don’t personally know me. So instead of talking mainly about work stuff, I figure I will tell some stories from every day life… until I figure out how to talk about crazy work stories without revealing too much! I hope that makes sense to y’all.
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What I Ate Wednesday

Yes I know it’s Friday. But I’ve been working til 1:30 am this week and today was the first chance I’ve had to actually sit down and write a decent post. One of the things I know people struggle with is finding quick and easy meals to eat during the week. So to solve that problem, I came up with a strategy to make sure I always have good food to keep my belly full. To do this, I always dedicate a few hours the night before my first shift to cooking my food for the week. It takes some time and planning, but there are other benefits beyond just eating healthy… and the biggest one in my mind is the fact that it saves me money. Yes, I am buying 90% organic food that is kind of expensive. But the money I save by not buying lunch all the time makes that way easier to stomach. And by the way, buying lunch sucks! You never know what is really in your food. Even if you decide to get a delicious chicken salad with avocado and cheese and spinach, there is a good chance that many of the ingredients are packed with preservatives and chemicals. You can’t really blame the businesses for that though. They need to make sure their food lasts long enough to survive production, harvesting, shipping, and then storage until the consumer buys the food. And that is also why organic food doesn’t last as long. Yesterday I threw out an avocado. That sucked.
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Sticking to Your Diet

Sticking to Your Diet

This topic is something that I know everyone struggles with at one point or another. The reason why I want to write about it is simply because there are so many reasons why the paleo diet is easy to stick to. I am going to do my best to try and list some of the most effective ways to stay on track. I will include some things I personally do, as well as some things I know I should do but still struggle with.
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The Dreaded Carb Flu

The Dreaded Carb Flu

Hello friends! I’ve been searching for a template for my blog that I like, and I’ve spent several hours on that. For some reason I was having trouble finding a template that allowed comments, and I have finally found one. So I hope you like it. And now that my blog looks like I want it to, I will be posting more often. So I hope you have stayed on board with me. So here we go 🙂
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Back to the Gym

I invented a new term today. It’s called Compound Motivation. You can guess what that phrase means, but I am going to tell you right now anyways. So don’t try too hard. This term describes something I have certainly felt before. However, yesterday I experienced the true power of what this term describes. Compound Motivation is when you experience small victories every day, and those victories stack on top of each other to motivate you to keep pushing forward toward your goals. To put this into perspective, I will briefly describe the events that led up to yesterday.
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My Top 9 Paleo Foods

Hello friends! I have tons of things I want to write about swimming around in my head, but this one is the most interesting to me right now, for a couple of reasons. And the first reason has to do with my sister (sorry for talking about you but I think this is important!). She has tried eating paleo (more than once I believe), and has not had the kind of success I hoped she would have. She was recording everything she was eating on My Fitness Pal, and I had a look at a week of her diet. I noticed that her carb consumption was really high, at around 30-50% of her total calories. So to me, that was an simple fix. Excess carb intake is easily the most important thing to eliminate when you want to improve your diet. She was eating WAY to much fruit, and as you know fruit contains glucose which spikes blood sugar… and excess glucose is eventually stored as fat. And that is how you gain weight. So I told her she needed to raise her fat intake and lower her carb/fruit intake.
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It’s Not Just About Weight Loss

I want to share a revelation with you. This is something I have always believed, but it hasn’t really hit home until very recently. I have done countless hours of reading articles and blogs and other stuff regarding weight loss, and I have come to almost despise that term. Weight loss. It’s such a superficial term. If you ask 100 people why they are at the gym, I bet that most of them would reply “because I want to lose weight”. And for most of us, the reason is obvious. But think about what those people would say when you ask them “why do you want to lose weight?” Sure, some of them would tell you it’s because they want to live longer or they want to be able to play sports or ride a bike again. But I am willing to bet that most of them would say they want to lose weight because they want to look better… to feel good about going clothes shopping… to be comfortable in social situations at the beach or pool… or to feel more attractive with their partner. Of all the conversations I’ve had with people, and all of the reading I have done on the topic, the dominant reason for weight loss is superficial.

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My Journey: An Update & New Personal Record!!

So after finally posting my blog on Facebook last night, I have to say that I am overwhelmed by the response I have had. Thank you all so much for your kind words! I am more inspired than ever to write about the things I am passionate about and to share them with all of you. I really have found something new that I love doing, and having so many awesome people to share it with makes it that much better! Someone made a comment that I found very helpful, and I wanted to talk a bit about it before I dive into the meat and potatoes of today’s topic.

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You Can’t Control Everything. Learn To Let Go!

I have been thinking a lot lately about some stressful stuff that has been happening in my life. Specifically, work has been getting me down. I know that stress is a major factor that contributes to several different ailments for us in our crazy lives. If you ask any adult what they would like to eliminate from their life, I am confident that most people would say “stress”, among other things. We have bills, kids, rent/mortgage payments, family problems, work problems, and the list goes on for miles.
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