Paleo Food

RRRRRRRIBS (5/17/2014) - This is what the Tfal is capable of Okay, so I just had the most amazing birthday in history. After making Amanda very aware that I didn’t want anything big or eleborate for my birthday, I thought I was home free after a nice dinner. But then she turned in the opposite direction of home, … Continue reading RRRRRRRIBS
More Paleo Food (4/7/2014) - Hello there my friends. I apologize for my absence recently. I was at a friend’s house for the past week watching their animals as they were in the Bahamas on a holiday. And these aren’t just any animals. They are 3 dogs and 1 cat, each with a different personality. Granted, the dogs are chihuahuas… … Continue reading More Paleo Food
What I Ate Wednesday (3/21/2014) - Yes I know it’s Friday. But I’ve been working til 1:30 am this week and today was the first chance I’ve had to actually sit down and write a decent post. One of the things I know people struggle with is finding quick and easy meals to eat during the week. So to solve that … Continue reading What I Ate Wednesday
The Dreaded Carb Flu (3/6/2014) - The Dreaded Carb Flu Hello friends! I’ve been searching for a template for my blog that I like, and I’ve spent several hours on that. For some reason I was having trouble finding a template that allowed comments, and I have finally found one. So I hope you like it. And now that my blog … Continue reading The Dreaded Carb Flu
My Top 9 Paleo Foods (2/24/2014) - Hello friends! I have tons of things I want to write about swimming around in my head, but this one is the most interesting to me right now, for a couple of reasons. And the first reason has to do with my sister (sorry for talking about you but I think this is important!). She … Continue reading My Top 9 Paleo Foods
I’m Back! What I Ate… Thursday! (2/13/2014) - It’s been a while since I made a post, and I promise I have a good reason. I have been searching for a new platform to write my blog since Tumblr has been disappointing me lately. I just don’t like the way Tumblr works with the comments and reblogs, so I decided to move my … Continue reading I’m Back! What I Ate… Thursday!
A Day of Eating (2/12/2014) - Well hello there everyone. And by everyone I mean the 4 people who are probably going to read this. I thought I would write about my week so far, including an example of what I ate on a particular day. I think showing you what a typical paleo day looks like for me may help … Continue reading A Day of Eating
Paleo Lasagna (2/12/2014) - I want to show you an example of a new paleo recipe I tried a couple weeks ago. I didn’t really follow any cook book, but the idea wasn’t completely mine either. I have to give AW some credit for it. Now I am not really a pasta fan, but for some reason I have … Continue reading Paleo Lasagna
Why Does Paleo Work? (2/12/2014) - Okay, if this whole paleo thing has you intrigued, then my first job is done. I got you interested. But I know that you are a smart person. You are a critical thinker. And that is why I must now convince you that paleo is effective not because it’s a fad diet… but because it … Continue reading Why Does Paleo Work?
Paleo Explained (2/12/2014) - What Is Paleo? Where to start? Paleo is short for “paleolithic”, which refers to a point in time when life was simpler. Paleo is also known as the “caveman” or “hunter-gatherer” diet. The easiest way to explain it is to say that paleo only includes the foods that we would be able to hunt or … Continue reading Paleo Explained

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