Back From Vegas! (7/8/2014) - Hello friends! I hope I still have some friends that read my blog. It’s tough to write anything very regularly, because I tend to put a lot of work into making my writing high quality. But that means new content comes around less often… and for that reason I understand that I may be losing … Continue reading Back From Vegas!
The Moncton Tragedy (6/11/2014) - I know I said my next post would be about my top 10 songs for stretching after a workout. But after the recent events in Moncton, I’ve been thinking a lot about certain things like the media, and the effects of having a stressful or dangerous job on people’s lives. So that is what I … Continue reading The Moncton Tragedy
My First Post. Booya. (2/12/2014) - I guess I should start by saying hello to the 3 or 4 people who are probably going to read this blog. Perhaps that number will grow as time passes, but that’s not really why I decided to start a blog. It’s more for me than for other people. But if I can give some … Continue reading My First Post. Booya.

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