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Sometimes Work Sucks – But it Doesn’t Have To!

Hello again my loyal friends. After a long and frustrating couple of months fighting with an unnamed electronic store, I finally have my laptop back. I now have the distinction of the computer equivalent of writing off a vehicle. Yes, after 4 weeks of examining my beloved laptop, the vendor finally determined that it was too expensive to fix. Although I have my suspicions that the geeks in the back warehouse really just decided they didn’t know what the hell was actually wrong with it… I grudgingly accepted their explanation. Well, I suppose it wasn’t all that bad of a result, since I got to pick a “comparable” replacement. The problem was that the only model available that fit the mould was $100 more expensive. But then the unthinkable happened! The store actually offered me the better laptop at the same price. Whaaaat?!? No arguing? No hopeless negotiating with a manager who is more concerned with his university final exam marks than his job? Nope. They offered it to me without any of that nonsense. And then something even better happened. When I got to the til, I discovered that I was required to again purchase the extended “performance plan”, hence protecting me from falling victim to Murphy’s Law – which would almost ensure my laptop would fail if I didn’t buy the plan. So I prepared to pony up another $139, expecting to receive a 2 year plan. And as I was walking away, the young fellow who took my money advised me he had “thrown in” an extra year on the plan. Wow…I didn’t know the rules for “throwing in” stuff like that were so lax! Based on this new knowledge I shall adjust my negotiation tactics on my next technology purchasing adventure. So anyways, the story ended well as I now have a better laptop to spew out my ramblings for y’all to enjoy. But you don’t want to hear any more boring stories. Continue reading Sometimes Work Sucks – But it Doesn’t Have To!