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This is what the Tfal is capable of

Okay, so I just had the most amazing birthday in history. After making Amanda very aware that I didn’t want anything big or eleborate for my birthday, I thought I was home free after a nice dinner. But then she turned in the opposite direction of home, and she said we were meeting a friend for a drink at a pub. I was totally fine with that since it seemed to be low key and relaxed. And then we walked into the bar and there were about 40 people, inclucing a damn photographer… all waiting for me. Now I hate being in the spotlight. And people kept on asking me why I had this strage look on my face. First of all, I was trying my best not to cry. At the same time, I was trying to show an expression of happiness, surprise, extreme gratitude, and “I don’t deserve all this” all at once. That’s tough to do. So anyways, it turned out to be one of the absolute best nights of my life. Almost my entire family was there, including all of my closest friends and amazing coworkers. Some people even took the night off work to be there for me! I really wish that night had more hours in it so I could spend a few moments with every person to say thank you with several hugs.
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What I Ate Wednesday

Yes I know it’s Friday. But I’ve been working til 1:30 am this week and today was the first chance I’ve had to actually sit down and write a decent post. One of the things I know people struggle with is finding quick and easy meals to eat during the week. So to solve that problem, I came up with a strategy to make sure I always have good food to keep my belly full. To do this, I always dedicate a few hours the night before my first shift to cooking my food for the week. It takes some time and planning, but there are other benefits beyond just eating healthy… and the biggest one in my mind is the fact that it saves me money. Yes, I am buying 90% organic food that is kind of expensive. But the money I save by not buying lunch all the time makes that way easier to stomach. And by the way, buying lunch sucks! You never know what is really in your food. Even if you decide to get a delicious chicken salad with avocado and cheese and spinach, there is a good chance that many of the ingredients are packed with preservatives and chemicals. You can’t really blame the businesses for that though. They need to make sure their food lasts long enough to survive production, harvesting, shipping, and then storage until the consumer buys the food. And that is also why organic food doesn’t last as long. Yesterday I threw out an avocado. That sucked.
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I’m Back! What I Ate… Thursday!

It’s been a while since I made a post, and I promise I have a good reason. I have been searching for a new platform to write my blog since Tumblr has been disappointing me lately. I just don’t like the way Tumblr works with the comments and reblogs, so I decided to move my blog over to WordPress. I think I finally found a site that can give me what I have been looking for. The look of my blog may change every so often, but I think I will be staying with this site. So with that I give you the topic of today’s post… what I ate!!
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My Journey: Paleo, Weight Loss, & Ketosis

I know, I know. There is a strange word in the title: ketosis. Please don’t be intimidated. Because if you have been on the paleo diet for more than a week or two, then rejoice my friend… because your body is likely in a state of “nutritional ketosis”. Now this is highly dependent on how much you’ve cheated on your diet, but I will dive into that topic later. For now I will just explain what ketosis actually is.

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Paleo Lasagna

I want to show you an example of a new paleo recipe I tried a couple weeks ago. I didn’t really follow any cook book, but the idea wasn’t completely mine either. I have to give AW some credit for it. Now I am not really a pasta fan, but for some reason I have always loved my mom’s lasagna. And you are going to think I am crazy, but I prefer to eat it cold. So when I found out that there was a paleo version of lasagna, I was excited… and skeptical. How could it possibly taste like mom’s recipe? How can I re-create those delicious crispy cheesy edges? Well… I tried my best and I have to say that the taste was amazing. The only problem is figuring out how to get it a bit crispier. So I will give you my recipe, but you’ll have to figure out the cooking part on your own 🙂

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Why Does Paleo Work?

Okay, if this whole paleo thing has you intrigued, then my first job is done. I got you interested. But I know that you are a smart person. You are a critical thinker. And that is why I must now convince you that paleo is effective not because it’s a fad diet… but because it is based on science and biochemistry.

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