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Trust the Process of Exercise

I know I know. Where have I been for the last three months? Well, the answer is simple. I’ve been focusing on other things, and most importantly I have been concentrating on making myself better. Life has been tough and I just haven’t been able to sit down and write. For some reason I just haven’t had the motivation. This is ironic because writing on my blog is quite therapeutic for me, and it probably would have helped me through my funk. I decided instead to take some time off of work to get myself into a routine. For me, this idea was meant to do one thing: give me stability and make my decisions easy.

I know that exercise is the most important anti-depressant there is, but for me exercising has always been about convenience. Does working out fit into my other things I have to do today? Sometimes it did. But the problem was that there were too many days where I decided it wasn’t convenient enough. So I skipped the gym. But I had finally had enough of that crap. By taking work out of the equation, my decision would become easy. I simply didn’t have enough things to do during the day to make skipping the gym a viable option. Because of my wide open day, the gym became something that was part of my routine. After a few weeks, I didn’t even have to ask myself if I was going the next day. I just was. And that is exactly where I want to be.

So it’s been a month since the start of my “vacation”, and I can honestly say I have never been in this state of mind before. I have felt physically better, and I have been leaner. But I have never been in this place mentally before. I’m back at work now, which actually worried me. I was scared I would fall out of the routine again. I felt like a contestant in The Biggest Loser, terrified of what would happen to me once I got back home.

I was sheltered… insulated from the realities of life. For three glorious weeks I was able to worry about myself, and no one else (and maybe a couple other important people – you know who you are). It’s actually strange how much the absence of work can take weight off your shoulders. I know I have talked about the stresses that work brings, but I honestly believe that almost any job has the ability to cause stress in your life if you let it. So taking work out of the picture can do wonders for your life. Yeah yeah, I know. If you won the lottery you would quit your job and life would be amazing. But the reality is that for about 99% of us, having a job is just how it has to be. And even if you happen to somehow luck out and become your own boss, I guarantee the stress will remain. So instead of trying to run away from stress (from work and life in general), why not take action in other ways to fight it? So when I realised I only had enough vacation for 2 weeks, I knew my stress-free life would be over before I knew it. So I used that time to build up the foundation to keep finding other ways to fight stress. And for me, that meant developing the habit of working out again. And that brings me to the main topic of this post.

During the last month, I’ve managed to work out at least 5 days a week every single week. Awesome right? As I mentioned before, I have never felt so focused and determined, and just mentally ready to attack life. But then a problem emerged. I wasn’t losing weight. I was constantly beating personal records in the gym, I was recovering faster from exhaustion, and my workouts didn’t kill me for the rest of the day any more. But my problem is that I am a visual results kind of guy. I weigh myself almost every time I enter the locker room, and after a month of working out more than I ever have been, I’ve only lost 3 pounds. I am discouraged. How can I not be? The scale has always been my sign of progress, and this time that bastard is betraying me. Am I working out too much? Not enough? Am I gaining more muscle than the fat I am losing? In a desperate attempt to find some sort of concrete evidence that I have made progress, today I found myself grabbing the fat on my belly while I was on the treadmill, thinking “is my stomach smaller than it was before”?

Despite knowing there is so much more to fitness than the scale, I still focus on it and allow it to have this power over me. So after realising that this was stupid, I knew I had to turn my brain around if I had any hope of keeping my momentum going. What did I do? I started thinking about The Biggest Loser. Laugh at me if you must, but if that show doesn’t inspire you then you have a cold, black heart. I know that fitness and weight loss is like 90% mental, and that is why I love the show. The trainers address the contestants’ mental issues all the time, trying to repair broken hearts and figure out the true reason why they became over weight. And one common theme throughout the show has always been to “trust the process”. There are going to be setbacks. You will have shitty days and life will constantly test you to see if you really want to succeed. Someone special showed me a quote the other day that summed up what I am trying to say. It goes something like this: “God doesn’t put up walls to keep you out. He puts them up to test you… to see if you are willing to overcome obstacles to achieve your goal”.

What I am saying is that if you trust the process… if you stay the course and push through setbacks, you will eventually find your way to that place where you have always wanted to be. Trust yourself and keep going. That is what I am going to do.


Sometimes Work Sucks – But it Doesn’t Have To!

Hello again my loyal friends. After a long and frustrating couple of months fighting with an unnamed electronic store, I finally have my laptop back. I now have the distinction of the computer equivalent of writing off a vehicle. Yes, after 4 weeks of examining my beloved laptop, the vendor finally determined that it was too expensive to fix. Although I have my suspicions that the geeks in the back warehouse really just decided they didn’t know what the hell was actually wrong with it… I grudgingly accepted their explanation. Well, I suppose it wasn’t all that bad of a result, since I got to pick a “comparable” replacement. The problem was that the only model available that fit the mould was $100 more expensive. But then the unthinkable happened! The store actually offered me the better laptop at the same price. Whaaaat?!? No arguing? No hopeless negotiating with a manager who is more concerned with his university final exam marks than his job? Nope. They offered it to me without any of that nonsense. And then something even better happened. When I got to the til, I discovered that I was required to again purchase the extended “performance plan”, hence protecting me from falling victim to Murphy’s Law – which would almost ensure my laptop would fail if I didn’t buy the plan. So I prepared to pony up another $139, expecting to receive a 2 year plan. And as I was walking away, the young fellow who took my money advised me he had “thrown in” an extra year on the plan. Wow…I didn’t know the rules for “throwing in” stuff like that were so lax! Based on this new knowledge I shall adjust my negotiation tactics on my next technology purchasing adventure. So anyways, the story ended well as I now have a better laptop to spew out my ramblings for y’all to enjoy. But you don’t want to hear any more boring stories. Continue reading Sometimes Work Sucks – But it Doesn’t Have To!

Find Your Reason to Work Out

Life has been tough lately, and I have found myself allowing my life’s negative things to seep deeper and deeper into my personality than ever before. I know that life is bigger than my problems, and that I should never let circumstances define me. So when I started feeling like the negative things in my life were starting to dictate my behavior and emotions too much, I became slightly worried. Frustrating things like slow traffic, Tim Hortons messing up my order, or receiving a rude email have started to have more of an affect on me than they should. Does that ever happen to you? Do you ever let normally small problems become big for no apparent reason? I actually yelled at the coffee lady (while my window was rolled up so she couldn’t hear me) because she thought I said “sugar” instead of “sweetener”. Yep, that’s rational Craig. I was even at a red light recently and when the light turned green, I only waited for 1.9 seconds to honk at the car in front of me, instead of my normal 2.9 seconds.
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Dealing With the “Downs” of Life

So I’ve been trying to think of a way to make myself feel better after a really shitty thing happened yesterday. My friends will know what this “thing” is, but that’s not important. What is important is what I choose to do now. For those of you that don’t know me, I’ll elaborate a bit. I basically applied for my dream job and I was told no. That’s really it. So on the surface, it may not seem all that upsetting to the outside person. But this is the third time I have applied for this job and obviously it’s the third time they have said no. The worst part is that I have to wait another 2 years if I want to apply again. It’s like the air has been sucked out of my lungs, if that makes any sense at all.

But I am not writing this to get sympathy, and I am probably not even writing this to give advice to anyone… other than myself. For some reason my brain tends to respond better to suggestion when it sees words on paper (or a computer screen). I guess that’s why I have been keeping a journal for most of my life. So… although I hope you see these words as inspirational, they are probably intended more as a way to tell myself what to do.
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My Top 10 Workout Songs

Hello my friends. I know my blog posts have been slowing down recently, but I promise that wont last long! Life has been really busy lately. For those of you who follow me but aren’t “real life” friends… Amanda and I got engaged last Sunday! The story isn’t super romantic or anything like that, but the events that actually led up to me proposing were kind of interesting. So maybe on my next post I will tell you the story. But for now I’ll just show you the second photo we took as fiancées… if that’s even a word.


This girl just gets me. I know it’s a cliche but that is the best way I can explain it. Without getting all mushy, all I can say is that I could not possilby imagine a more perfect person to spend my life with. That is all I shall say about my Amanda for now. So on to the meat and potatoes!

I struggle sometimes to find good music to work out to. I usually end up listening to the same 5 bands over and over… which is okay… but if you are anything like I am, you really don’t want to ruin a song by hearing it a million times. It’s like that month when I decided to change my morning alarm song. For a while I had been waking up to the gentle and soothing “BAAAA BAAAA BAAAA!!”.
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The Timing Will Never Be Perfect

I heard a quote the other day that has really stuck with me. It has so many applications in life, and somehow it has become the central theme in my own life lately. I don’t remember the exact wording, but it went something like this: It will never be a perfect time to start something. That’s it. This is a very simple idea but when you think about it, this short sentence can have profound meaning in so many aspects of life.
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Back to the Gym

I invented a new term today. It’s called Compound Motivation. You can guess what that phrase means, but I am going to tell you right now anyways. So don’t try too hard. This term describes something I have certainly felt before. However, yesterday I experienced the true power of what this term describes. Compound Motivation is when you experience small victories every day, and those victories stack on top of each other to motivate you to keep pushing forward toward your goals. To put this into perspective, I will briefly describe the events that led up to yesterday.
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It’s Not Just About Weight Loss

I want to share a revelation with you. This is something I have always believed, but it hasn’t really hit home until very recently. I have done countless hours of reading articles and blogs and other stuff regarding weight loss, and I have come to almost despise that term. Weight loss. It’s such a superficial term. If you ask 100 people why they are at the gym, I bet that most of them would reply “because I want to lose weight”. And for most of us, the reason is obvious. But think about what those people would say when you ask them “why do you want to lose weight?” Sure, some of them would tell you it’s because they want to live longer or they want to be able to play sports or ride a bike again. But I am willing to bet that most of them would say they want to lose weight because they want to look better… to feel good about going clothes shopping… to be comfortable in social situations at the beach or pool… or to feel more attractive with their partner. Of all the conversations I’ve had with people, and all of the reading I have done on the topic, the dominant reason for weight loss is superficial.

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My Journey: An Update & New Personal Record!!

So after finally posting my blog on Facebook last night, I have to say that I am overwhelmed by the response I have had. Thank you all so much for your kind words! I am more inspired than ever to write about the things I am passionate about and to share them with all of you. I really have found something new that I love doing, and having so many awesome people to share it with makes it that much better! Someone made a comment that I found very helpful, and I wanted to talk a bit about it before I dive into the meat and potatoes of today’s topic.

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You Can’t Control Everything. Learn To Let Go!

I have been thinking a lot lately about some stressful stuff that has been happening in my life. Specifically, work has been getting me down. I know that stress is a major factor that contributes to several different ailments for us in our crazy lives. If you ask any adult what they would like to eliminate from their life, I am confident that most people would say “stress”, among other things. We have bills, kids, rent/mortgage payments, family problems, work problems, and the list goes on for miles.
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